The Pilgrims and Puritans founded First Parish Congregational Church in 1750. They were Christians, grounded in old traditions and yet courageously breaking new ground for a new era. That agile spirit still describes us today.

We gather and embrace some traditional ways, in a historic building, affirming timeless truths about faith, God and Jesus. And yet, we believe that God is still speaking; that God is still moving and acting in new ways.

And so we are a mosaic of seekers, doubters, skeptics, as well as believers; convinced that faith is a journey toward the mystery of grace. That means that we are respectful of others’ journeys, and are committed to openness and inclusion.

We invite into our common life all persons, regardless of race, culture or sexual orientation. We strive to be a caring family, nurturing and supporting one another, while reaching out and extending God’s care to people in need.